Knockout! How to Teach with a Concussion

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This week we have a special treat, Michelle from Teach Think Talk is sharing with us her story of everything going wrong. As a drama teacher I can totally sympathize with her struggles, tech week is no joke!

Knockout! How to Teach With a Concussion

This past week has caused a major shift in the way I think about my life and work. On Friday night, March 16th, I got home later than usual because we had our last Musical Rehearsal before starting Tech Week the next day…I go to do the first thing I always do when I get home…

Let my dogs out. Read more

3 Quick Tips to Easily Improve Your Diet

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Most people I talk to say that diet is their number one struggle in living a more healthy lifestyle. They often have some kind of physical activity they are involved in, and they know they should be making healthier food choices, but for whatever reason they can’t. Whether they feel like they are too busy, or they just don’t know where to start making changes, the kitchen is their biggest stumbling block. Does this sound familiar? Did I just describe your situation? Well don’t worry, because I’m about to give you 3 quick and painless ideas that will help you start eating healthier today! Read more